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Saturday, April 21, 2012

The End of An Era

I have an announcement to make.

I will no longer be writing here at Some Whine With Cheese.


This blog has taught me a lot of things. And I have met some wonderful people.

But life changes.

So come see me here instead.

Sunday, March 18, 2012


Today we started up the garden! Last year I was a bit late and my garden didn’t yield very much given the fact that it gets about 215* here in Texas between June and september. This time I wanted to do it right, so I would be able to enjoy the fruits of our labor (our being me and Wes’ mom, Sue. She’s a gardening guru). We are planting all kinds of “salad” veggies in the trough – lettuce, onions, chives, more lettuce and spinach. Front two barrels (plus the planter Wes built me, not pictured) will have tomatoes. Back two barrels have bush cucumbers and Swiss chard. Then we have pots of pepper, basil, oregano, parsley and thyme.
Can’t wait to grow and eat!

Crazy greek and mexican oregano from last summer that survived 110* to 29* and freezing. I named it “Moregano” after my crazy Greek Mexican friend Morgan

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Wednesday, February 08, 2012


Today I leave Texas for California for one week....

because I get to go to the Grammy's!!!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Seeking Friendship

This is not me. Or anyone I know.

Once upon a time I had friends. Lots of friends. I don't mean that to be as arrogant as it sounds - promise. But its the truth. Whenever I wanted to escape the boredom of my bedroom walls, unwind after a rough day at work, or just spend some time with more estrogen, I had a few lovely ladies I could call up and convince to come grab a glass of wine with me. Some of them didn't take a whole lot of convincing after the word wine came out of my mouth - you know who you are.

Then I moved to a whole new state. 

Finding friends is hard. 

I have been lucky to meet a few wonderful people at my job. But I'm looking for more. I love my boyfriend - I do. So much. But sometimes I want to bitch about my boyfriend, and I can pretty much guarantee he doesn't want to hear it.

(Boyfriend, I mean that in the nicest way. I know you'd like to bitch about me, too)

I know there is a blog and a book out now -  - about a woman who literally "dated" to find her new BFF.

And so, that's what I am doing. I am asking my blog friends to "set me up" with anyone they know out here in San Antonio. But remember, Texas is a BIG state. Dallas is 4 hours above me. Houston is 3 1/2. And even Austin is 90 minutes away - so calling up a potential friend there to meet me for happy hour will kind of defeat the purpose.

Help a girl out. 

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Tap Tap Tap

Is this thing on?

Hello friends, followers and family. Remember me? I managed to hold onto all my followers, so I'm guessing you guys are just as busy/unmotivated as I am to have the time to unfollow my blog.

Yes? No? Whatever.

I don't really have a topic to post about, but I have friends that have been bugging me (ahemmodyahem) to write something, so I'm going to provide you with some bullet points of things in my head as of late...

I love working again. Yes, I am crazy but whatever. You may think being unemployed for 10 months would be like a vacation, but it gets really f&%$ing boring. 

I still love it here in Texas - especially now that its been getting cold like everyone swore to me it would someday. I've never been more excited to see "overnight freeze warnings" on my app.

My grandma died last week. I hate more than anything that I can't be in California with my mom right now. I miss you momma, and I think about you everyday.

I get to see EVERY.SINGLE.SISTER of mine this December. That's right, all FOUR of them. We haven't all been together since Kristin's wedding in 2010. And I can't even remember the last Christmas we were all under the same roof. My heart is so happy knowing I get to see them all, and all my little kiddos. Merry Christmas indeed.

My cousin wrote a book, called Gypsy Fade. It's a collection of short stories, and it arrived in the mail today, and I can't wait to dive into it. She is a pretty talented writer for a woman her age (woman?! That sounds so crazy to say). I think you should read it, too. If you were stumped on what to get me for Christmas, order a copy of her book for yourself. Go check it out here. If anything, you need to see the rad cover.
Soon, I get to chop off all my hair again. Very soon.

I still think I will someday live in the Pacific Northwest. I really do.

That's all, folks. I miss you.

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