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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

15 days, 11 hours...

...until Im 30. I keep joking with my mom that my life will end at that moment. As in I can no longer do those things young kids can get away with :) Of course Im completely kidding (I hope). I started this list at 43 days, and decided to make the last 43 days more interesting, I have come up with a list of 20 things I should have done by now (and havent done either because Im afraid to, or just never got around to it). I hope you will either get a kick out of my choices, will want to witness others, or may even want to help out if you can.
Regardless, here they are, my random not so much bucket list...

1 - Go topless dipping in the ocean- Picture wont be going up for the sake of my girls who did this with me

2 - Karaoke (this WILL be a group effort)

3 - I deleted #3 because its just not something I need to do :) Thanks Chris for understanding

4 - Attempt to surf

5 - Shoot a gun

6 - Kiss a random boy in a bar - My MOM did this for me :)

7 - Stay up for 24 hours straight

8 - Begin to learn a foreign language - unfortunately this one isnt happening until Feb now :(

9 - Bake an apple pie from scratch

10 - Spend an entire day watching movies Ive never seen Wolverine, The Man Who Knew Too Little, In Bruges, One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest, 12 Monkeys, Night of the Living Dead

11 - Dress in head to toe black and go toilet papering

12 - Join the organ donation register (who wouldnt want my heart??)

13 - Live through a pedicure (cringe!)

14 - Try an oyster

15 - Get boudoir photos taken (Thank you Tiffany!)  

16 - "Successfully" shotgun a beer

17 - Spend an entire day with my phone off

18 - Catch a big fish - It was small, but its the biggest fish Ive ever caught

19 - Spend 24 hours in bed It was a whole day in bed/couch.

20 - Learn to play poker

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