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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Im A Guest!

Today I am guest posting over at The Novelista Barista (gah! I love her name!) Jennifer took a new job and got all busy and stuff, and you people know my job has its "quiet" moments. So I got to steal her blog space for a day!! Click here to see my post on Winter White Skin. Not just to see what I wrote, but to fall in love with her blog. Because I sure have.


  1. Just found you on Jens' site. Nice background btw :)

  2. Nice! I love her site as well. Headed over to read your post.

  3. I'm totally following your other blog "It All Comes Down to One". Even though I'm kinda in the dark about what's gonna be on there. Something to do with love? M'kay I'm in, 'cause I'm a hopeless romantic sap.

    There I said it and I'm glad. :)

  4. i love novelista barista! and your blog is pretty awesome too lady...i think i'm falling for another blog, sigh.


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