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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Whale's Vajayjay

Mmm. San Diego. Drink it in, it always goes down smooth. Discovered by the Germans in 1904, they named it San Diego, which of course in German means "a whale's vagina".

You don’t know how many times I’ve heard that one, when I was living downtown. San Diego is, in my opinion, a melting pot of sorts. It seems about 96% of the people living in or around downtown, aren’t actually FROM San Diego (myself included, I’m an OC girl). And everytime some Midwest group of boys in the military would hit on my friends and I, they would no doubt say “How do you like living in the whale’s vagina (snicker, snicker).”
 only in San Diego

But my post isn’t about that. Its about my love for that place, and the year I got to live right smack in downtown.

I decided to move to San Diego after my best friend Kim lived there for about a year, and I needed a change in my life. So I moved into a semi  large, brand new apartment, on top of a grocery store (super convenient). This place had a rooftop pool and a rooftop patio that overlooked the city. Lets just say I was living outside of my means, but oh was it worth it.
Everything is within walking distance. I mean I lived ON TOP of a grocery store. There was a Starbucks 3 blocks away (although that’s common EVERYWHERE). Hundreds of restaurants. Tons of bars. You could see Petco Park from my roof. You know, home to the best baseball team ever, the Padres (ha ha). My friends and I became “regulars” at a local watering hole called “Henry’s Pub” and got access to the VIP line. We thought we were cool (we still do).

The nightlife in San Diego is amazing. Walking down 5th Street, you are greeted by the hostesses trying to get you to come to their restaurant. And there is quite a selection. Within one block you have an Australian restaurant (which has since closed down. RIP Bondi), mexican food, an Irish Pub, a elite rooftop lounge, a dance club, a cigar bar and if you travel a little ways, you come across the best Italian food around and a bar so close to the airport, they open up their patio roof so you can watch the airplanes fly RIGHT over you. Makes it a little tough to have conversations, but a cool experience regardless.

 Living in San Diego for a year was one of the best things I ever did. Sure my apartment was too expensive, sure I spent too much money going out and drinking, and sure I had to move home because I lost my job and couldn’t afford it anymore. But if I didn’t live there for that year, and I didn’t have the experiences I had, or made the mistakes I made, I would not be the person I am today. San Diego taught me independence, showed me how to be confident, and brought some pretty important people into my life. Its probably the only time I will walk 10 blocks in 4 inch heels, crawl home at 2am alone and not be afraid (stupid), wear size 0 jeans easily, and live in a large apartment with an even larger rent. Its been 2 years since I moved away, and I still get giddy thinking about my time there and the memories I have.

 You stay classy, San Diego.


  1. Ahhhhh, sweet paradise. Long live memory lane...aside from the whole muff thing.

  2. awww such lovely memories!!! that's how you live life :D

  3. Great post! I miss all of the places I've lived in at least sometimes. I'm just jealous that I don't have an awesome movie quote for any of them.

  4. Every day brings us closer to the people we are going to be in the end. Even the bad stuff.
    Funny how just a few short years later you look back and wonder about your decision to wander home alone.
    You are lucky to have such a great life experiences under your belt.

  5. I agree with V, that was a great post! You really painted us a nice picture!

    Can't you go right over to Tijuana too?

    ps: sorry I haven't been around as much, and I've been meaning to tell you I'm honored that I was your first blog you followed.

  6. Great post! I just lived vicariously through it. I have always wanted to go to SD and now I know I will for certain!! The weather alone pulls me.

    Whales Vagina eh? Now that is funny but also weird or is it a translation thing? Hope not a literal thing

  7. I've never been to San Diego, but I so want to.

    Good on you for stepping out and doing your own thing! What a fabulous experience and memories to cherish! That takes courage. It sounds like you had an awesome adventure. And you will never have to look back and say "boy, I wish I'd done that" because you did it!!


  8. This is such a great nostalgic post! I have never been to San Diego but I have heard such good things about it. I definitely want to visit someday and my best friend is moving there so I'm sure I will!

  9. I visited San Diego in 2008 and absolutely loved it. I had never been to California before and was blown away by how friendly and beautiful a city it was. I have so many great memories of that trip. I hope that I get to visit again someday!

  10. I love San Diego! LOVE. IT.

    And I'm trying not to hate you for the size 0 jeans comment. But I can't. Because you're Fab.

  11. haha a whale's vagina.

    that is his best movie by a mile!

  12. AGREED. Some of my greatest mistakes have made for my funnest memories. Cheers to being young, however brief.

  13. Um, Bondi closed down????????????

    Amazing blog. Loved living it with you and loved being a part of that year. Love you, bff.


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