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Monday, June 27, 2011

Oh, Kate.

Last night I had the most awesomest dream.

Kate Middleton wanted to be my BFF

We have good times.

I was invited to the wedding and everything. I walked up to the reception and she ran outside and gave me this huge hug and said “I’m so excited you are here! You have to come meet everyone.” (she has the sweetest little british accent)

she thinks I'm hilarious. The guy on her left - total a-hole.*

I watched her and William smash cake in each others faces (after someone tested it for poison first – no joke).
I did the chicken dance with Harry and Pippa 

(have you seen the bum on that girl? Total jealousy)

Then I woke up and was truly devastated. It wasn’t real!

a real BFF always brings wine.

Most girls dream of landing princes? I dream of shopping with the princess.

*I really don't know who the guy on the left is in that picture. He might not be an a-hole.


  1. I love how wonderfully ridiculous you can be. I'm kind of a Hungarian princess, and you can be my friend.

  2. This made me laugh so hard. BEST DREAM EVER!!

  3. Hahaha such a good dream! I loved watching all of the royal wedding specials. Sigh, if only I knew Prince Harry

  4. HYSTERICAL!!!! I love all the pap shots w/ you at Catherine. What a fun dream, too. I had a random PG-13 dream that included Steve Martin - love him, but totally would have traded that for some REM with HRH!

  5. Too funny. Your pics were a riot. This definitely deserves a part two.

  6. "total a-hole"
    I LOL'ed at that line! Great dream and a great post =)


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