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Thursday, July 07, 2011


Once upon a time, I was a reader.
As in, there wasn’t a free moment in a day when I wasn’t reading.
I remember my first “big” book I read was Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and I’m pretty sure I read it in 3 days, at the age of 10.
Growing up I did a lot of the tween books.
Sweet Valley High
Babysitters Club.
But it really didn’t matter what it was, I loved disappearing into a book for hours and hours.
Maybe it has something to do with being an introvert?
Anywho, at some point I hit a time in my life where books just weren’t that important. Sure, I liked them. But just found better things to do with my time (ahem, TiVo)
But now I’m back in the game.
I recently visited my local library, and the minute I walked in I loved the smell.
I will never buy a kindle/kobo/e-reader
Nothing against people who do, it’s just not my style.
But back to the library.
I picked up my new card, and checked out books like I would never be back.
(even though I have been back, twice)
I have once again fallen in love with reading, and it feels so good.
I also belong to goodreads, and a fantastic book club run by Girl With A New Life
If you are an obsessed bookie, I think you should come join!


  1. I just re-registered for goodreads. Now I need to start reading again.

  2. I was all about some Babysitter Club books too! I wish there was more time in the day!


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