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Wednesday, August 10, 2011




There is something to be said about old friends. The one’s who weave in and out of your life like ribbons. You can go months without talking to them, and then suddenly they are back in your life like there was never an absence. They are the ones who know the best of you, the worst of you, and everything in between.

I have a dear friend like that. Best friends in high school, we have been separated over the years not by bad things or choice, just by circumstance. And when we need each other, its like we pop back into each others lives without knowing why.

Despite what is going on in her life, she always has a good piece of advice, or an encouraging word.

I feel like I go through life looking for connections like this with every friend I make, only to realize the important ones have been there all along. Minus the few that have actually become my new old friends I will have for life.

They are just hiding in the sidelines, waiting for the right moment to pop up and cheer you on.


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  1. Love this. I always say that I have two kinds of friends - reciprocal friends and friends. I have tons of friends, I have about 5 reciprocal friends - those friends you would do anything for and that would do anything for you. And if you have at least a few of both types, you're in a good place. Cheers to new friends, too!


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