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Thursday, November 12, 2009


"Lookin' fer a place where the air smells clean
Where the trees is tall and the grass is green
Where the fish is fat in an untouched stream
And the teamin' woods is a hunter's dream.
Davy, Davy Crockett, Lookin' fer Paradise!"
Oh dear god, Im sitting at my desk laughing so hard there are potential tears in my eyes. The source of the tickle? Let me give you a little background.

Someone recently asked me what was on the agenda for my weekend up north with The Boy and his family. Everyone knows Im a bit of a planner, so when I said “I don’t really know” I could feel the shocked look on their face through the google IM. So I rambled on about the events I had heard we might be doing.

~Fishing (one of The Boy’s favorite pastimes. Who am I kidding, it’s the only thing he loves more than sandwiches, and me. Im lucky if I pull #3)

~Hunting (not me, but The Boy)

~Shooting pesky rodents (Im involved)

~Visiting a Line Dancing bar (not kidding)

~Playing Poker


Not too bad for a mini vacation, definitely the opposite side of the spectrum from relaxing on a tropical beach. But I consider myself pretty open to doing different things, and I know there is a little redneck in my blood, so Im looking forward to this weekend.

Sorry, I got sidetracked. So as Im listing out these things, I finish off my “instant message” with “I think Im dating Davy Crockett. Im going to buy him a coon skin cap for Christmas.” Followed by me silently laughing to myself at the visual. Which then led to me googling images of “Davy Crockett” which led to me laughing with potential tears in my eyes, as said above. Here is why:

OH MY GOD! I really AM dating Davy Crockett…or maybe the descendent of him.

If any of you know The Boy, you have to admit this picture kind of in a old-cartoon-sort-of-way LOOKS like him. Am I wrong?

Don’t get me wrong. Dating Davy Crockett isn’t a bad thing. Its very manly and quite a turn on, and he is incredibly good looking. But still, until he reads this blog (which I just notified him today I write one – talk about timing) he will have no idea why he has earned the nickname.


  1. Sandwiches? It sounds like you are dating Joey Tribbiani!

  2. Ive come to realize EVERY man loves a good sandwich. It is the #2 way to get what you want from him. #1 being the obvious

  3. holy crap...that does look like him...

  4. I can definitely chime in about the sandwich love sandwiches...its just how we are built.

  5. If you decide against the coon skin cap, a powdered wig is always a nice alternative!

  6. I love that you embrace your inner redneck (and your Davy Crockett) ;)

  7. I triple dog dare you to make him wear the coon hat in bed. It'll either be incredibly hot or a furry hot mess!!


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