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Thursday, January 07, 2010

Just Be.

In this bloggie blog world Ive learned to adore so much, you come across so much good material. And even better, so much inspiration for material of your own. Its funny how you can be thinking about something, and you read someone’s thoughts in their own blog that relate exactly to whats going on in your head.

I pretty much stalk Chelsea Talks Smack for that reason. But, after her post  today, its safe to say Im not the only one who feels this way. Like I said when I gave her my creative outlet award, she has a crazy way of speaking (or typing) exactly whats on your mind. So I thank her today for giving me the inspiration for todays blog...

I want stories. Im one of those people who envisions myself in my old age, sitting in a chaise lounge telling my grown up grandkids "stories." Stories of my youth, why I have a Chinese tattoo on the back of my neck at the age of 65, where I met their grandfather and the day I fell in love with him, the day their mother/father was born. That crazy roadtrip I took or that time I decided to drop everything and go to Europe. Ok those last two are things I see in my future, but you catch my drift.

I'll admit in the past year, Ive felt like I had nothing going on in my life and needed to step it up.  I was getting close to 30 and needed to have something to show for my life. I felt like I had no stories to tell. No college days of drinking and blacking out, no high school first love. Just me, trucking along in life, making ends meet. So I decided to go back to school, make lots of plans with my friends, travel anywhere and everywhere I could. And when this year ended, I realized I was exhausted. From life. From trying to have a life. And then I realized where I was at thisexactmoment. I've got nothing on my plate right now. I love my job and dont needto grow in it. Im taking a couple photography classes next semester but dont feel the need to dive full time back into school right now. I love my boyfriend and the place we are in right now. Im not getting married, having babies, going on vacations, stressing at myworkplace, avoiding family because they are crazy. Im just be-ing. And I dont think Ive ever been more happy.

So looking back at my life so far, I realize that although it hasn't been glamorous, I have stories of my own. Stories Ive built from love and heartache, from good times and from bad. And Ive got plenty more life to live to create small little memories that turn into stories I tell one day. Because the best part about hearing stories from my grownups isn't necessarily how I relate, but the look they get on their face or the glimmer in their eye from reliving that moment all over again, for you. My favorite quote of the minute is "The harder the life, the sweeter the song." Something I'll tell my kids and grandkids when they freak out that life isnt going according to plan. And like my grandma with "this too shall pass" I have a feeling this quote will be my new life motto.


  1. This is a great post. I've been having those freak-outs about what I'm doing with my life a lot lately. I need to stop freaking out and just start doing.

    First time over here - saw you recently started following my blog (thank you ma'am) - and your marriage/baby tagline immediately won me over. :)

  2. You're a great addition to the blogosphere laurnie.

  3. Good thing you can see the positive!

  4. I'm with Mr. C - and the stories will come. Live your life and they will follow.

  5. It's so easy to get caught up in the "where I 'should' be" mentality, and that's what makes us human. But realizing that where you are is YOURS to own, to live, to BE is what makes people divine, graciuos, and happy. Great post!!

  6. Thank you sister for the very sweet shout out, being inspired by eachother in this blog world is what it's all about- cheers to you and many stories to come!

  7. i have spent the last 10 years chasing stories; living out of a backpack, travelling through europe whenever work allowed, loving the adventure.

    now that i am more settled, i am realising that there is such beauty in the ordinary.

    and that the most important journey is the one back to myself.

  8. Very well written. If you're looking for Story, check out the book A Million Miles in a Thousand Years by Donald Miller. Miller has a great writing voice...and by reading just a bit of yours, I'll guess you'd like his!


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