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Monday, January 04, 2010

Damn You, Theraflu

I was all prepared to come back to work today and write some fantastical blog about my Christmas break, and New Years resolutions, and looking back at my past decade. I so thoroughly enjoyed all of yours. But I woke up with the cold Ive been fighting for 2 weeks (of course it waited until I was BACK at work) and my brain is now full of nothing but Theraflu goodness. You know, that feeling you get when the meds kick in and you almost feel like you are floating? I had to go back and read two pages of my book again, that’s how high I am.

So rather than talking about resolutions (I have none) or my wonderful vacation (I slept a lot) or rambling on about things that are random, I decided to dedicate this post to The Boyfriend since it is, in fact, his birthday today. (and this might be where I lose a few readers). 

Here is hoping he doesnt mind that Im doing this.

So I present you with 10 reasons why my guy rocks....

  1. He made me a "mixed cd" for Christmas (among other presents), said it took a month to narrow it down to 11 songs, and that in reality he had about 3 cds worth to give me. It will forever top any present he gives me in the future.
  2.  I can wake up with some serious bedhead. He manages to look past it (and last nights makeup smeared all over) and say Im beautiful.
  3.  He received a replacement body pillow from his parents for Christmas that he has been dying for, and turned to me and said "Dont worry, its for nights when you arent with me." But I knew then that I had totally been replaced. (and last night, he brought the pillow to bed, and I have been replaced). But its ok, because seeing him hug a giant pillow might be the cutest thing ever.
  4. He lets me say he is adorable, as long as ruggedly is said as well.
  5. He knows my favorite Starbucks drink (Im one of those complicated orders) sidenote - he DOES work there, so he has an advantage.
  6. He has decided to give up Del Taco with me for Skinnuary. Although Im pretty sure he will cheat, and thats ok
  7.  He texts me in the middle of a boys night to tell me he misses me (possibly alcohol induced)
  8. He bought me a fishing license, so he can teach me what he loves
  9. He insisted on buying MY coffee on HIS birthday this morning.
  10. He found the most pukeinyourmouth romantical way to tell me he loved me for the first time, this past Christmas day.
I could go on and on and on - but no one would enjoy it as much as I would. Bottom line - he rocks.

Happy Birthday Mister.


  1. i am soooo sorry about your cold. it is possible a night with me in the freezing cold did it :( I'm sorry. and i do enjoy hearing how happy you are :)
    xo Tiff

  2. I'm laughing so hard about your bedhead comment AND the body pillow. My guy says my bedhead is "cute" and he waits until I fall asleep to snuggle w/his body pillow.

    We are very lucky girls :)

  3. your dude & my dad have the same birthday. i can't wait to meet him, he's sounds wonderful :]

  4. you BOTH deserve every bit of happiness, and I love that you found it in each other

  5. hahahaha.
    my man used to work at coffee bean and i loved that he knew exactly how to make my coffee.
    (i loved how the fact that he works at starbucks was slipped in there so nonchalantly!)

  6. Awh Happy Bday to your guy! He seems like a keeper!
    By the way, i'm not getting married ( :( ) or having a baby (thank goodness) so can we be friends haha?


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