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Thursday, May 06, 2010


"My idea of superwoman is someone who scrubs her own floors." -Bette Midler

I actually own this shirt.

I bought it for the boyfriend when he dressed up as Clark Kent for Halloween this year, then quickly inherited it back to use as a pajama shirt. I love it, its one of my favorites.

But I need to remember, wearing the shirt or not, I am not superwoman. No matter how hard I try to be.

Im not superfriend.
Im not supersister.
Im not supergirlfriend.
Im not superdaughter.
Im not super employee.

And I need to be ok with it. Which is hard. I like to try and make everyone happy. Sometimes I go above and beyond trying to please everyone, or fit everything into a schedule, only to find my spirit completely worn down. And its not like I don’t enjoy the attempt at being superwoman.

I love seeing my friends.
I love bonding with my sisters.
I love being with my boyfriend (when I get to).
I love spending time with my parents.
I love who I work for.

But in the end, I need to remember that I love me too. And sometimes taking a vacation from these things is much needed. 

Speaking of vacations, the boyfriend and I are in desperate need of one. Even a mini spontaneous one. Things have been crazy in our small little world, and I feel like we've been run ragged and we're going to crash (into each other, thats my fear). If only money grew on trees.

To my friends who read this blog, please don’t think Im trying to disappear! Just don’t take it personal if I somehow work up the ability to say “I cant” in the next few weeks coming up. Don’t worry, Im still here. Ill be back to my superfriend self soon. 


  1. If only money did grow on trees.... or blogging paid better :)

  2. if only.....i hate dissapointing people too and i always go above and beyond to please everyone but it's a lot of work and it drains you out at the end of the day....

    ps...have you considered a mini road trip??

  3. Love the shirt! Hope you find a way to get away!!!

  4. Hope you get to take a vacation soon!

  5. I think I know how you feel. I'm completely overwhelmed with everything in my life right now & all I wish I could is jump on a plane & fly to paradise...if only money grew on trees, lol.

    Hope things get better & less stressful!

  6. I've been struggling with super-heroism myself lately.

  7. From one Supergirl to another...take time to renew your superpowers...all will be better for it! ;)

  8. Hey Superwoman! I just gave your super duper awesome blog an award!

    Check it out!


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