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Thursday, June 03, 2010

Story Time

This past weekend was the end of an era.

Or atleast it was for me.

Everyone moved out of the Hotel Pequito. Here is where you all say...

“What the heck is the Hotel Pequito?”

Once upon a time, a girl was looking for a place to live. Any place really. She decided to have lunch with friends at an Italian Eatery and ran into an old bartender friend working that afternoon. This bartender friend had been MIA for about two years, and seeing him was a good surprise. We got to talking, and it came up that he had a room for rent. I said funny, Im looking for one. He said it’s a large 4 bedroom house in Dana Point, and you would be living with 3 guys. Cringe! I grew up with only sisters, but I had heard horror stories of living with boys. But eh, it could also be a lot of fun. So the next night, I was to meet his roommate and best friend, Andrew (the 3rd guy who lived there is not really worth mentioning). We gathered again at this Italian Eatery, so the “interview” process could begin. Now those who know me, know Im quite shy around new people. But the second Andrew sat down, we were instant friends. We talked and drank for a few hours. I had no idea at that moment that I had just encountered my BFF, the one guy in my life I would get along with so well, and wasn’t attracted to in the least. (But don’t get me wrong people. Andrew is a catch to a lot of ladies out there. Just not me – thank god).

Nate, Me, Jason, Andrew

I lived at the Hotel twice. From May of 2006 to February of 2007, and then again from I think summer of 2008 until this past January, when I decided to move in with my boyfriend. Ive always thought of the Hotel as a sort of halfway house, minus the recovery and sobriety part. There have been many residents that have lived under that roof, and I have actually occupied all three of the downstairs bedrooms. Before I lived there, there was Jason, Britt, Lo and Andrew. Then it became Jason, Andrew, Ted and Lauren (me). Then it became Jason, Andrew, Ted and Nate. Then Jason, Andrew, Nate and me. Then Andrew, Nate, me and Robbin. Then Andrew, Nate and me. Then Andrew, Nate, Stephen and Britt (yep, same one).  I remember the day I went to look at the place, and how excited I was to live there. A beautiful house by the Dana Point Harbor, with ocean views from the patio? Where do I sign?

The Hotel Pequito was sort of an inner circle legend. You could stop by anytime, whether we wanted you there or not, and there would be pool to play, movies to watch, board games to dust off, cigarettes to smoke, drinks to gulp down and a couch to sleep on. We knew how to throw quite the party – from our “Purple Teeth and Adult Conversations” party, Toga Party, Super Bowls, Oscar nights, no reason whatsoever party, and of course the annual Pequito Halloween Bash. I think one year we squeezed 80 people into that house. The neighbors hated us, the cops knew us but we didn’t care. We were all just having fun.  

It introduced me to some important people in my life. Without the hotel, I wouldnt have my BFF Andrew, my wine sisters Britt and Marissa, all the boys I call good friends. 

Me, Britt, Marissa

And now its vacant. The walls are bare, the closets are empty, the garage is clutter free. And although we are all moving on and up to better things in our life, it still gives me a sense of sadness. An awkward closure. One I don’t think Im ready for. Pequito was always a place for friends to gather, to eat, drink and be merry. And now its gone.

It will be weird to drive by the street and think “someone else is living it up there.” Atleast I hope they are. So here’s to you, Hotel Pequito. May you miss us as much as we all will miss you.

**Hop on over to Andrew’s blog to read his ode to Pequito. He lived there the entire FIVE years, so he has something good to say. It might even make you laugh a little.**


  1. Aw, I never lived there but I'm sad too. It's like the end to Three's Company. I cried when they all moved out of that dingy lil 70's apartment :(

  2. Awww I can totally see how bittersweet this is! Sounds like you have a lot of memories there!

  3. What a fun place! I'm sure MANY a memory way made :)

  4. So many memories live on, but I know it's sad to see this place vacant and quiet. This was a lovely tribute to the Hotel!

  5. awww how fun! So sad to see the doors closing, but just think of all the great times in the future visiting one another in new homes! PS-Love the new layout

  6. Aw, it sounds like it was a super fun place to live!

  7. Anyone who posts a picture with some guy pinching her boobs is really good, lifelong friends with the guys.
    My closest female friends have always been those who love their men friends.
    What a great part of your life and it sounds like those that you shared it with are really fun. I will head over and see your friends post too.

  8. Aww it's so cute how you named it Hotel Pequito! I sometimes wonder who's living in my college and grad school apartments.

  9. What great memories. I understand about sentimental backdrops to our life story.


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