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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Guest Blogger - Scott

Scott and I have known each other going on 15 years. One of the only people I still keep in contact from high school, and Im glad I have. Always funny, has a good head on his shoulders and often has a good thing or two to say. Thats why I enjoy his blog, and am so happy he is "lending" me this post to share. After reading, go visit him at Possibly A.D.D.

You can't win if you don't play

There it is folks, is THE bottom line of bottom lines, courtesy of the California State Lottery. Now you being an astute reader (reading this blog automatically makes you an astute reader) you probably know that this post has nothing to do with playing the lottery, which, for the record, is gambling for the ultra stupid. Seriously you might as well just burn your money, or send it to me. But I digress...In this instance I am referring to, you guessed it, LIFE.

Fear, self doubt, feelings of low self worth, anxiety, lack of self confidence; all of these feelings (notice I said feelings and not emotions) are things most of us struggle with every day, yours truly included.  These limiting thoughts and behaviors, to whatever degree they occur, compel us to half ass it through life or even worse, just to quit "playing" all together. Trust me, I know, I have been there. But that moment when I realized that I was on the bench (stupid sports metaphor continues) and started working on getting back to playing was a great day. Its not an easy journey, some days are magical, some days are a struggle, but that is part of how it works.  Take a step back and start examing some of the roots of where this feeliings of limits come from, analyze them a bit.  Take a hard look in that mirror and know that if you work at them those limits mean nothing.  Each day you play, the better you get, your energy grows and you start putting that positive energy back out into the world.  And you know what?  The world responds.  Push yourself to get in there and start playing the game, whatever that looks like to you.  Your damn right it is scary, sometimes a little, sometimes a lot, and yeah, it is hard work too.  And just like in any game, sometimes you win and sometimes you lose, in fact more often than not, you lose.  But dammit, you are playing the game, and that is what counts

So strap on that helmet and get on the field (I told you the stupid metaphor woudl continue) talk to that girl or guy, eat that piece of raw fish, tell your significant other that the bullshit won't continue, take what you want, pound that beer, stand up for what you believe in and what you need, take that class, express your love!  Damn that feels good, doesn't it?  Now you're playing....keep it up. 

Thank you Scott!


  1. Does it count if I just wanna pick up a hockey stick and smack the crap outta someone?? lol, sorta. But seriously, great piece--I especially loved the line about feelings, not emotions--a delineation that should be made more often!

  2. I'll play but I still wanna win!

  3. Sorry, that was a lame comment. Like a total cop out comment. Scott is right though. I took myself out of life for a bit, you just have to make shit happen. Well said.

  4. I think people think too hard about things, analyzing everything. Life doesn't have to be so hard for most of us. Just live each day in a way that makes you feel good.
    We are all on a level playing field, we don't all have to hit the ball out of the park, we are not neck and neck in competition, nor should we be on the ropes all the time.
    Oh sorry I got carried away with the sports metaphors. Game over.

  5. He is the only one you still keep in contact with from HS huh? ;)


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