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Friday, August 13, 2010

How To Fail As A Girlfriend

Yesterday was my "pseudo"versary. Its like my anniversary, but The Boyfriend and I got off to an awkward dating start, so we really dont know what our technical anniversary is. Not that it matters, I think anniversaries are really worth celebrating when you are married, and his past girlfriends always made a HUGE deal about remembering the dates of everything, so I always just never really planned on making a big deal out of it.


So last night I come home from work to this

And this...
yep, he is wearing my rooster apron
I cant forget to mention that he even FOLDED the paper napkins

He doesn't cook, he grills. So to come home to him cooking me spicy meatballs FROM SCRATCH, and making spicy tomato sauce FROM SCRATCH, and pasta and garlic bread and my favorite champagne? Its pretty monumental.

I walked in with nothing.



  1. I don't think you really failed. Think of it as a pleasant surprise. I have a feeling you have done nice things for your boyfriend in the past...anniversary or not. But at least you know the date that he considers you official now. Feather in your cap! I agree...if you're not married, it should not be celebrated. Especially a "Month-aversary"

  2. That is SO sweet of him! You didn't fail. You do nice things for him, he does nice things for you...that's just the way it goes. ☺

  3. You so didn't fail! It just means that he was wanting to do something nice... so give him something nice in return ;)

    You can totally celebrate yearversaries... i agree with the earlier post that monthaversary's not so much. that's creep style.

  4. EPIC FAIL. Sorry I had to be the one to say it. You probably owe him sexual favors. Lots.

  5. Yeah Laurnie, like V said, give that man some special favors!

  6. FAVORS? Treat the daughter right is the proper thing to do. Although, a healthy relationship is always reciprocal. Right? So who needs the cooking lesson next week?

  7. yeah that freakin blows! sorry! and yeah, sexual favors.... more like whatever he wants for AT LEAST a week. hahaha. ;)

  8. That is so freaking awesome & sweet!

    Sweets you may have walked in empty handed but I hope you gave him something special afterward ;)

  9. Boyfriend looked happy to be wearing a rooster apron when you walked in with your beautiful smile!
    Happy celebration of your relationship.

  10. I don't think you failed! I bet a gf fail to him would have been getting nagged about it!

  11. The photo in the apron is precious. Many of us would kill to come home to that.

    Men are pretty easy to make things up to. Go forth and conquer. ;)


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