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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Is It Fall Yet?

"Listen!  the wind is rising, and the air is wild with leaves,
We have had our summer evenings, now for October eves!"
-  Humbert Wolfe

I love me some fall. Which last week was an easy thing to think about, with the weird, cooler Southern California summer we are having. I dreamt of making soups, wearing sweaters, taking a trip to pick apples and pumpkins. Decorating for Halloween, busting my boots out of hiding, getting my jackets ready for winter.

So waking up this morning at 7 am and seeing it was already 79 degrees outside, put a serious gash in my dreams. My co worker walked in saying "beach day, lets ditch work!" and I replied with "ugh its so hot and muggy" when really, its a beautiful summer day outside.

Funny thing is about living where I live - fall doesn't really exist. We know its there, because the calendar says so. But you have to travel somewhat far to see any leaves turning color. Or atleast enough to make a beautiful difference. Sometimes in the fall,  I will wake up in the morning, and the air feels crisp and cool and I will put on a jacket and a pair of boots. And the by noon, I'm sweating bullets and can't wait to get home and throw on some flip flops. 

So maybe what I crave right about this time of year, doesn't exist. Or maybe its just change I crave. Regardless, I have a big pot of tomato bisque at home waiting to be devoured. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go do some sort of rain dance. 


  1. You know where they have awesome Fall seasons? Chicago. You should come here.

  2. We have amazing weather in September and then in October and November it gets very wet and cold and you curl up with a blanket and book and nice warm beverage and enjoy the smells coming from the kitchen from the oven. Oh I love the fall.

  3. I am so ready to bust out the fall clothing!

  4. I hear you sister. Fantastic post. LOVE IT.

    Sending love from OC.



  5. You should live in Northern Ireland. This year it would seem we haven't even had a summer. Well, there were a few days in May/June and one this month in which the temperature got above 20 degrees C. Apart from that, it's been clouds and wind and rain.

    Kate x

  6. where do you live? i live in florida (no such thing as fall here) but i grew up in the midwest...and fall is the one thing i most miss

  7. It's the same in Phoenix. The fall is one of the few things I miss about Idaho.

  8. Come to Smalltown, VA for fall!! Up her in the mountains it is absolutely glorious :) I think I will try to take some pictures this year to post.

  9. Come to Oregon in a two months or so, you will get all the Fall you desire along with all the rain you could ever ask for :)


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