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Friday, October 29, 2010


I bought my first pair of Spanx last night.
I bought my first pair of "knock off" spanx. 
I held up two sizes and couldn't figure out which to get. One looked incredibly too small, but the other was too big according to the size chart they provided. I went with the too big size.

Too big, my ass (pun intended).

I got home and couldn't even fit the thigh part of it over my knee. Now under normal circumstances, I would have just exchanged them for the larger size. But unfortunately I need them tonight, and have no time to exchange them. And I can't get away with not wearing any, because well, the dress I am borrowing is curve hugging. And these days, I've got lumps. not curves. 
**I'm not fishing for compliments, so don't even try."

So I did what any normal girl would do in an emergency like this.

Meow! I have never looked so hot. Not that Spanx make a girl feel undeniably sexy, but these make me look like I bought them from Edward Scissorhands. Whatever, as long as my tummy is slimmed, right?

And no, I will not provide any pictures for your entertainment.  


  1. to me when you've bruised a kidney and ruptured your spleen trying to get into a pair. Welcome to my world.

  2. Great idea!

    I love my Spanx. They mock me, but I love them.

  3. Sounds like my spanx experience. I love what they do for me under dresses, but lord knows once that dress comes is nooot pretty!

  4. Ahhh come on at least show us how you look in the dress :) After I had my first baby I wore so many undergarments to help me fit into this dress I got to wear to a friends wedding. I felt so fat all night, even though I looked pretty ok. Now after 3 kids there is probably no way in hell I'll fit into anything. Man do I need to work on getting a diet going on. Sigh........

  5. Wow, glad to hear that I wasn't the only one who had the problem of them not fitting! Next time, the shears need to take a little peek in mine! Time to go by some new ones and test out your way! :)

    Thanks lady! :)

    Little Miss Paige

  6. I've been thinking about getting a pair of these but I'm wondering if their incredible uncomfortable?!

  7. Well that's just cruel not to include pictures.

    I <3 spanx. It's come to the point where I won't even attend an event in a dress without 'em.

  8. you are too much!! i have to share your story with my sister, who once wore TWO pairs of SPANX under a bridesmaid dress to make sure it fit!!

  9. lol I can only imagine what this looked like! I want some spanx too for those slim dresses I have. What brand were the "knock offs"? I also got the cookbook this weekend! I have already picked out which recipes I will be making first, can't wait!


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