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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

3 Day Independence.

Id like to start out this post by saying I am NOT co-dependent. Ive been very single up until this past year, and managed it quite well. I learned to hang even pictures using my fingers as measurements, carry anything heavy out to my car, and even kill an occasional spider (but that was not easy). In my last house, which I shared with 2 boys, I was the one with the most tools.

My boyfriend left last night for Sacramento for 3 days. Yes, JUST 3 days. Since we have been together, this will be the longest we have been apart (cue violin music). I knew I would be a little weirded out being in OUR apartment alone for the first time, but nothing I cant handle. Little did I know in less than 12 hours, I would come up with a list of pros and cons. Which of course, I just HAD to share on my blog.

PRO: Wearing my ugliest pants and t shirt to bed. Of course I do this when he is here, but this time I didn’t think “I hope he doesn’t think Ive lost myself, and turned into a slob” as I put the bleached pajama pants and overstretched t shirt on.

CON: Taking out the trash. Hey, Ive just gotten used to NOT having to do it. That’s all

PRO: Getting the whole bed to myself, and not getting elbowed in the temple like I have been lately.

CON: Waking up every hour wondering why Im in bed alone.

PRO: Shoving his mistress (aka Sally the body pillow) into the closet

CON: Having to turn off the light when I go to bed. (Im afraid of the dark)

PRO: Walking around the house with an ugly pink clay mask on my face (the skin care regimen kind). Yes I do admit, we live together and he should get used to this, but there are somethings I just don’t plan on letting him see me do.

CON: Not having someone to yell to hand me a towel when I forget to grab one, and roaming around blindy (said clay mask was in my eye) trying to find one.

PRO: Going to bed without brushing my teeth, because I knew I wouldn’t be kissing anyone (this isn’t a desire of mine. I was just too tired to make the effort)

CON: Not having someone kiss me good night. (I wont go to sleep without one. I know, puke)

Im sure as the days (yes, only 2 more) drag on, I will find more things Im loving and hating while he is away. But the sap in me will say this – I cant wait to see him Friday night.


  1. Very cute. I totally hear you on the bed, though I'm usually the one throwing the punches in my sleep.

  2. *mush* The hubs has a body pillow gf too, lol. I have to admit there's nothing as awesome as having the bed to myself (when I want it) but I cant sleep well if he's not there taking most of it up.

    Hope your fella comes home soon :)

  3. Have fun with the pros while he's gone! He'll be back before ya know it!

  4. Why are the Pros and Cons always so closely related? Ridiculous... ;)

  5. Awwww cute post! My boyfriend was gone for 4 days just this last weekend so I know exactly where you are coming from! He left Thursday night and got back on Monday evening. It was rough. I think it was worse because he was camping in the middle of nowhere so that meant no contact whatsoever... It was sooo nice when he got home. I was attached to his side! :)

  6. This was funny. I can totally identify. D has been in Vegas since Saturday and I'm in a love/hate relationship with that.

    But he's back tomorrow... which means shaving my legs and blowdrying my hair.

  7. waking up in bed alone is weird, right?

  8. The body pillow was especially funny!

  9. Pro, I can do whatever I want, when I want.
    CON, I have to sleep with the light on and no one to snuggle with. :(

  10. Have fun with all the positives while he's gone. Boo for having to take out the trash though. lol

  11. Awww so sweet! I love that lovey dovey stage.

  12. my guy used to bartend and would work sometimes until 2am and i would go to bed at 10pm and wake up every hour too wondering where he was. that's the worst!! :) enjoy your alone time!!

  13. Kind of cute and kind of barfy at the same time. Brush your teeth. Gross.

  14. You've won an award!! :) Come to my blog at this link --> to check it out!!


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