Image Courtesy of Todd White

Sunday, May 22, 2011




I’m very lucky that the boyfriend is crafty. Not in the needle and thread kind of way, but in the experimenting with food and wood. Not usually together, but ironically today that is different, because he is out in the garage building me a big ol’ garden box from scratch. Like the one he built me here, but better.

I decided to go out and visit for a little bit, and brave through the flying sawdust and 70% humidity. As I was sitting there watching him saw away, he overcut through a piece of wood and thought his project was officially screwed up. Then he dropped his beverage. I thought, oh boy – now he is going to give up and his day is going to be ruined. But instead he stepped outside the area, lit up a cigarette, paced back and forth and finally said “We’ll work around it, it just won’t be perfect.

Oh how true that statement is.

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