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Thursday, May 26, 2011


Lauren Welsh1

Random things About Me I felt like sharing.

I love Oprah. I know people either love her or hate her, but I love her and all the things she does for people. Hate her if you want to, I don’t want to hear it.

I have a tendency to come up with brilliant ideas, get excited, tell the world about them, and then give up on myself.

I don’t believe people when they tell me I’m a good writer, and not to give up on it.

I’ve recently started eating clean. Not only have I lost 7 lbs, I’ve never felt better about myself or my body.

The Boy recently told me I have smiled more in the past 2 weeks than I have in the past 4 months. It made me happy.

I need to travel more. I’m not getting any younger

I don’t think my sisters realize they are my best friends. All of them.

I am funny. I used to be funnier, but I was also sarcastic and cynical then. You don’t have to laugh with me, I am just fine laughing at myself

I don’t know when or how, but I have totally lost my rhythm. I miss tearing up a dance floor.

2007 was my favorite year to date. I was going broke, and making not so good decisions – but I learned a lot about myself, met some great people, and have the greatest memories of that year. I miss San Diego.

My boyfriend doesn’t believe I used to be a crazy fun girl. I miss her sometimes.

I LOVE CHAMPAGNE! The cheaper, the better.

I look forward to reading blogs, and feel like I am friends with these people, even though I have never met them (with the exception of one) and probably never will.

I like how proud Texans are of their state. Never in a million years would you see a house in California waving their state flag in their front yard.

I really want to go blonde again, but I know I never will.

I miss the beach.

All my favorite memories tend to star my five favorite people (minus the boy)

  • Walking 14 blocks, barefoot, in downtown San Diego, and finishing an entire pizza before making it home. I’m pretty sure I was with my kindred spirit.
  • I have a lot of funny memories involving Morgan.
  • “Borrowing” a cheesecake from a coffee shop I worked at after hours, getting spooked by the bagel delivery guy, and the priceless look on Mody’s face.
  • Somehow pulling the door of Carly’s mom’s minivan, and calling AAA thinking they can somehow help
  • My 27th birthday/Halloween party at Pequito.
  • Summer of 2005 at the HV
  • Martini’s and Vegas with MC
  • Watching Fringe with my BFF. Miss that guy.

I’m apprehensive about working in a cubicle again, but I know it’s the only thing to do if I want to make a living to enjoy my life.

I still don’t believe myself when I have to say “I’m 31”

I would wear dresses everyday if I could.
    How is that for random. Who wants to tell me something random about themselves?

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